How much does the service cost ? minimum charge up to 3km = $30.00 4Kms - 6Kms=$40.00 7Kms - 9Kms = $50.00 Every 3kms there is a $10.00 charge which covers our travel to you. One way travel to your location and $15.00 charge for the follow car. YSDL is a premium client and vehicle delivery service that insures your safe travel home.Where does YSDL travel to ? We service Canterbury regions of Pegasus to Rolleston and the local areas of Christchurch.

Who is my driver ? Hi everyone my name is Floyd Rudolph. Since 2009 I have worked as a dial a driver here in Christchurch. P Class and Passenger Service Licence. Mandeep Sighn is also a P Class driver for Your Safe Driver Ltd.